Tekin Arpacı to New Successes with his New Company Smyrna Pet!
2340 01/11/2022

Tekin Arpacı has achieved significant success as the chairman of the board of directors of Arpacıoğlu Group, which started its activities in Ağrı in the 1970s as a family organization, continued to grow in Istanbul in 1989, and has made serious investments in many sectors for more than 50 years. As of 2023, Tekin Arpacı has entered a new sector where he sees significant opportunities and growth potential, and continues to increase his success graph day by day with Smyrna Pet, which has been operating for many years, producing pet nutrition products. Emphasizing that they act in a commercial order based on the absolute satisfaction of their honest, principled stakeholders and customers, Arpacı states that the secret of their success is based on this. Smyrna Pet continues to impress with its brands that produce in a pioneering and visionary line, ensure market dominance with R&D, and are preferred as first class with their diversity and quality.


Tekin Arpacı, Chairman of the Board of Smyrna Pet, expresses the secret of his success as honest trade and humane approach. “We have made significant investments by signing pioneering works in various sectors for many years. Today, we continue our way with Smyrna Pet, which has been a pioneering company for many years in the pet sector, where there are growing and new opportunities, and we continue to increase our success graph in a total of 12 countries in the national and international arena. We are a solution provider that addresses all needs in the sector. We are moving towards sector leadership with our innovative business models that are compatible with changing market dynamics and customer needs. Our principle has been honest trade and humane approach for years, and as a result, an inevitable success has come. We are a family with our customers, business partners, stakeholders and employees. We trade, but this makes us even more valuable because we are human-centered in terms of identity and approaches.” He said.